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Life Lessons

January 24, 2013

Is your purpose in life fulfilling and His will?

LAKE OCONEE — Donald McCullough reminds us in his article, "The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking", that Alexander the Great conquered Persia, but broke down and wept because his troops were too exhausted to push on to India.

Hugo Grotius, the father of modern international law, said at the last, "I have accomplished nothing worthwhile in my life."

John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the U.S., wrote in his diary: "My life has been spent in vain and idle aspirations, and in ceaseless rejected prayers that something would be the result of my existence beneficial to my species."

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote words that continue to delight and enrich our lives, and yet what did he write for his epitaph? "Here lies one who meant well, who tried a little, and failed much."

Cecil Rhodes opened up Africa and established an empire, but what were his dying words? "So little done, so much to do."

Are you feeling that way? Ask God to help you find your purpose in life. More importantly His purpose for you in this life. Wishing you much love and much light.

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Life Lessons