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January 17, 2013

'Don't be fallin' in love when she's walkin'

LAKE OCONEE — Zac Brown continues to help me out. I am always looking and listening for something to trigger an idea for an article that I hope would be of interest and benefit to you, Respected Reader. After hearing Zac's, “As She’s Walkin’ Away,” I had an “aha” thought. Here are some of the lyrics:

"Now I'm falling in love as she's walking away and my heart won't tell my mind to tell my mouth what should say … Now I'm fallin' in love as she's walkin' away."

Two themes come to mind in regard to a man inviting, and keeping, a woman into his heart and life.

  1. Men, don't be afraid to approach a woman that attracts you. Get past the fear of rejection. Don't miss the opportunity and do it with class. She may be the one who will be a special partner for you. Let your heart attraction thrust you forward to connect.
  2. Men, love your lady to the best of your ability so that she does not push her “I'm gone” button. Some men take their lady for granted. They don't say or do what it takes to have her feel special — deeply loved and appreciated. She is not his number one priority. Business, sports, money, even the kids, perhaps the dog rank ahead of the neglected “invisible” lady.

What I often see is that the woman wants, and deserves, more. If such love is not forthcoming she finally decides, hopefully after giving a counseling invitation that may be rejected, that she no longer wants to stay in the relationship. At first the man gets mad, tries to bully her back into the relationship. This rarely works, with the exception of the woman that is weak, needy and co-dependent. If the bully attempt doesn't work, then the man's defense mechanism of anger gives way to the hurt that exists for this loss. He misses her.

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