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May 31, 2012

‘MIB III,’ ‘Marigold Hotel’ both worth their money

LAKE OCONEE — “Men in Black III”

Rated PG-13 for SF action violence, and brief suggestive content.

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.


“Men in Black III,” for a film that could be absolutely horrible and a blatant attempt at cashing in on “MiB” and “MiB II,” is pretty good, solid fun … and has a sappy little twist at the end which I was willing to swallow whole for the sheer delight in being emotionally conned.

The plot, as you might expect, concerns a horrible alien monster imprisoned on the moon and is the last of his murderous, planet-conquering species. The Men in Black go after him. Do I need to remind you that the elder is Tommy Lee Jones — the man who makes pock-marked skin and a yahoo accent sexy — and the younger is Will Smith — who makes jug-head ears and a gleaming smile — profoundly charismatic?

What makes MiB III unique and appealing is it tackles time travel. I am a sucker for time travel plotlines, so I might not be so impartial. The deal is that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) saved the world back in the day. So the giant monster bug goes back in time to kill K — back in 1969. Now, there isn’t enough Botox, make up, camera filters, and digital magic to make craggy face Mr. Jones look 29, so the producers hired Josh Brolin. Brolin’s “Agent K” is very impressive and spot on. Frankly, the first twenty minutes of “MiB III” is almost dull but when Brolin hits the screen things pick up and then, when we get to learn about the mysterious past of Agent J (Mr. Smith), things really take off — yet another pun I have written in a lame attempt to entertain and inform. But to get that one, you will have to see the film.

A film that broke fresh ground 15 years ago can’t be expected to kick alien or human butt, but it can amuse and “MiB III” does just that. My row partner thinks it is the best MiB, but I wouldn’t go that far at all, but it is worth catching…as long as you get or got the MiB bug back in time — and I am talking about 1987.

“Men in Black III” earns four bow ties out of five.

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