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Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy for deciphering the phrase repeated endlessly at the Old Times Buffet in Macon, Ga. on Jan. 9: “Hey jeet yet, naw, dju? Yu'nt to? Aight.” 

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Nuff said! For those that need a little help making sense of this phrase, it’s merely dialog between two ole’ boys as the time approaches noon and the smell of vittles fill the air. If you don’t care for the Southern Cliff Notes version of a lunch invitation, please read on.

Gentleman #1: “By the way fine sir, have you partaken of a meal lately and might you be hungry?”

Gentleman #2: “I haven’t had the chance to partake of a meal as of yet and I was wondering if you too might be inclined to break bread with me”

Gentleman #1: “Would you mind postponing your next cricket match to join me whilst we enjoy some refreshments?”

Gentleman #2: “I would indeed enjoy delaying my ironing of my socks to join you in the consumption of fine prepared foods!”

Like Foxworthy said: “Hey jeet yet, naw dju? Yu’nt to? Aight”. Thus, was the nature of the conversations between the 11 loyal Elks of Lake Oconee Lodge No. 2849 and the 20 veterans of the Georgia War Veterans Home from Milledgeville, Ga. 

The Old Times Buffet had once again outdone itself and the buffet bars (yes, plural) were overflowing. A couple of the veterans even noticed an area that held delicacies that can only be described as one that relieved the local pigs of ever needing shoes again. Second and third trips up and down the football field of food isn’t encouraged but rather required. The dessert bar even highlighted banana pudding inside of chocolate brownies! It’s believed that one of the veterans created this himself, the restaurant was quick to trademark it anyway! As always, it was the true pleasure of the Elks to host the veterans from Milledgeville for their monthly luncheon. 

If you would like to accompany the Elks on one of these heart filling (and stopping) adventures with our Veterans, let us know. Please call the Lake Oconee Elks Lodge and the next time an Elk asks you “Jeet yet?,” you better answer appropriately or just say “naw, dju.”

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