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Lita Boyd was recently diagnosed with breast and throat cancer and is fighting through another round of chemotherapy. Cancer has spread further into her sinuses, leaving her with few options to remove the cancer.

With her husband John by her side, Lita is set to undergo sinus cancer surgery next month.

Lita is a fighter, but medical expenses have taken a toll on her and her family.

Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate is proud to help Lita Boyd through her cancer and follow-up surgery with a $3,000 donation through the Brittney Cares Charity.

Like cancer, family tragedies and illness can strike at any time. In 1999, Kim and Lin Logan lost their daughter, Brittney. In honor of Brittney’s memory and giving nature, Kim and Lin formed the Brittney Cares Charity to honor her memory and support others.

Each month, agents on the Kim and Lin Logan Team can donate a portion of each paycheck to Brittney Cares. The donation is matched by Kim and Lin and donated to help those in need.

Through Brittney Cares, we were fortunate to provide a helping hand to Lita Boyd and her family. As the cancer progresses, stress mounts, and expenses pile up. This donation provides funds to aid in Lita’s treatment and, hopefully, helps Lita make a full recovery.

Send donations to help Lita by reaching out to Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate at 706-338-0757 or by heading to

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