Mark The Magic Man is coming Back to Lake Oconee

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If you came to last year’s show this is a must see!!!! … Mark is really coming back!!!

The Southeast’s most sought after illusionist is bringing his talents to Parkside Main 8 theater at Lake Oconee June 11th.  This is a rare opportunity for our community. Although you may see Mark at a few of the restaurants around the area on Friday and Saturday nights, this is Mark’s big show and it will blow you away.


“….ever since last year’s show people have been asking me… When are you going to do another show at Lake Oconee that we can bring our family to or enjoy a night out as adults,” Mark said. “That’s why we're doing both shows on the same day.”


Mark The Magic Man has two shows scheduled for Saturday, June 11th at 3 pm and 8 pm. The first is a family-friendly show set for 3p.m. followed by an 8p.m. show for ages16 years old and up. Tickets are on sale now and guests are highly encouraged to pre-buy them. “Both shows sold out last year and we had people who showed up the day of the show to buy tickets and were disappointed because they couldn’t get in.” exclaims Mark.( or find the link on Mark The Magic Man’s Facebook page)


Because of the way the theater is laid out, the tickets are comprised of upper level (General Admission) and lower level (VIP). The 3p.m. Family Show VIP tickets are set at $25 and will include a meet and greet after the show and a special take home magic trick while the General admission (upper level) seats will be $15. For the 8p.m. mature audience only evening show, fans may choose between General admission seating (upper level) for $25 or VIP (lower level) for $35. The 8 p.m. Mature audiences only show (ages 16 and up) tickets are VIP(lower level) $35 and the upper level $25.


The family show will last 70-90 minutes (with a brief intermission) and features grand illusions, comedy, and the always entertaining audience participation effects that Mark is famous for.


“It will be fun for the whole family and with kids on stage you never know what might happen,” said Mark. 


The evening show “Foresight 2.0” is approximately 90 minutes in length and is reserved for those ages 16 and older. It’s in this show that the veteran magician poses the question: “If hindsight is 20/20, then what is foresight?” 


“It’s a totally interactive show where it’s going to be my mind against the minds of those in the audience…. If you came to last year’s show, we had a few glitches and we totally scraped the show afterwards and re-wrote a new show and it is absolutely hilarious.” Mark said.


The idea for the show appropriately titled “Foresight” started as a dream Mark had of “the perfect show.” He’s written down the details of this dream and locked them inside a box that will be in the audience’s full view before the contents are revealed at some point during the night. Crowd participation will be very key as attendees will have their minds read and some may even come under hypnosis. It’s those interactions and more that will introduce unpredictability into the performance and could throw The Magic Man’s vision of a perfect show off the rails. Mark will also be using a popular card game’s cards instead of a regular deck of playing cards to make the show absolutely hilarious.


“Foresight” is a 21st century show. Audience members will be instructed to use their phones, participate in a social media post, and even take pics of things happening on stage. Some personal touches will be added throughout the show as Mark will share stories from his childhood. He’ll scale up one of his well-known tricks often performed at restaurants and play with peoples’ senses as he looks to blow the minds of everyone in attendance. 

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