Twelve years ago John Wilson, of Dublin, embarked on a journey that has included many adventures in places that range from the good ole’ south to the Western United States to exotic locations in Africa and South America.

Wilson found a way to start a company made up of many businesses specializing in many different outdoor activities that he enjoys.

“I guess what really gets me fulfillment, is I found a way to take what I love and my hobby, and turned it into my job and how I make a living,” Wilson said.

Trophy Quest was Wilson’s product of putting all his passions into the same basket. Earlier this year he found a home in Eatonton for his business, one that would allow customers to get a well-rounded experience.

“We just opened the building about four or five months ago,” Wilson said. “It includes a travel agency (TQ Adventures) that specializes in hunting and fishing trips, the Big Five Café, which sells breakfast and lunch, and is decorated with an African theme, and TQ Archery where we have an Olympic instructor that works there full time.”

One of the selling points for Wilson when choosing to locate the businesses in Eatonton, was the fact that customers can get the feel of a urban area, while still enjoying the peacefulness of being out in the country.

“My attraction to the area was that it’s kind of like big city living in the country,” Wilson said.

The TQ Adventures travel agency, located in the new building, is one of the biggest parts of the company, as it assists customers all over the country who have a passion for the outdoors get the biggest bang for their buck.

“We can arrange hunts anywhere from $500 to $8,500,” Wilson said. “We know the outfitters and which ones are good and bad.”

According to Wilson, people who book trips through TQ Adventures receive only the best treatment, and the service that Trophy Quest offers is free to the client.

“If we’re sending one lodge like 50 clients, then they know that Trophy Quest sent them there, so they’re going to get special treatment, because they don’t want them to go home not satisfied,” Wilson said. “Our service is free to them; for someone who walks in and wants to arrange a hunt, it costs them nothing.”

Along with the businesses, Wilson also takes part in numerous outdoor television shows, including the current Trophy Quest and Beyond the Battlefield shows.

Both deal with hunting and fishing exotic game, but the unique aspect that Wilson enjoys on Beyond the Battlefield is that he can share the moments with military veterans.

“[The show] takes veterans on exotic hunting and fishing trips to get them back involved in the outdoors, because about 70 percent of veterans are outdoorsmen and enjoy the outdoors,” Wilson said. “We take them on a surprise dream trip.”

Between the two shows, Wilson shares his knowledge and excitement for the outdoors to 116 million homes across the country, while filming with celebrities, athletes and veterans, with hopes of his passion rubbing off on at least a portion of those people.

Wilson encourages outdoorsmen and women to visit the company at its location in Eatonton to browse the different top-of-the-line services offered.

The business building is located right next to the Lake Oconee Lodge and for more information go to

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