For those of you who follow my writings you know that I strongly encourage people to be more aware, attuned — more conscious. To the extent that you develop high consciousness to that extent you are able to participate in life at a deeper and more profound level.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., has written eloquently about consciousness in his book “Power Versus Force.” He details the levels of consciousness that exist in his paradigm and what each level manifests. He speaks of each stage as an energy level. I present these levels, plus my commentary, for your edification. See if you can figure out what level you currently are operating within.

Energy level 20: SHAME. Early life experiences such as sexual abuse, abandonment, etc…  warp the personality for a lifetime unless issues are resolved in therapy. It is destructive to emotional and psychological health resulting in low self esteem.

Energy level 30: GUILT. Guilt-domination results in a preoccupation with “sin,” an unforgiving emotional attitude frequently exploited by “religious demagogues” who use it for coercion and control. It is a negative preoccupation with yesterday’s “mistake.” 

Energy level 50: APATHY. Apathy is a state of helplessness. Its victims are needy, lacking resources and energy to avail themselves of help that may be available.

Energy level 75: GRIEF. This is the level of sadness, loss, and dependency. Lot of regret and depression in this level.

Energy level 100: FEAR. More energy here as a person is constantly on the lookout for danger. This excess preoccupation, however, limits growth of the personality and leads to inhibition.

Energy level 125: DESIRE. More energy is available at this level. Desire motivates and gives energy to achieve goals. However at this level it has to do with accumulation and greed. It is insatiable and may lead to addiction. 

Energy level 150: ANGER. Anger can be either constructive or destructive. Often it can lead to a lifestyle exemplified by irritable, explosive people who are oversensitive to slights and become quarrelsome, belligerent, or litigious.

Energy level 175: PRIDE. Pride feels more positive than lower levels. However, pride is defensive because it is dependent on external conditions. This inflated ego is vulnerable to attack and because it is weak it can lead to a fall to SHAME. Arrogance and denial tend to be its defense.

Energy level 200: COURAGE. A huge leaps takes place here. It is a level of empowerment leading to exploration, accomplishment, fortitude, and determination. Life is seen as exciting, challenging, and stimulating. People at this level put back into the world as much energy as they take.

Energy level: 250: NEUTRALITY. These people have a sense of well being. Their neutral condition allows for flexibility and nonjudgmental, realistic, appraisal of problems. They neither wish to control or be controlled. 

Energy level 310: WILLINGNESS. Self esteem is high. At this level people are friendly, and social and economic success follows. They are willing to face inner issues and don’t have major learning blocks. They are self correcting as they don’t let PRIDE get in the way as they are open to their defects and willing to work on them.

Energy level 350: ACCEPTANCE. At this level a major transformation takes place with the understanding that one is oneself the source and creator of the experiences of one’s life. They take on that responsibility. They see that the source of happiness is within oneself. Acceptance has to do with balance, proportion, and appropriateness. Self discipline and mastery are prominent.

Energy level 400: REASON. Intelligence and rationality rise to the forefront when the emotionalism of the lower levels is transcended. This is the level of science, medicine, and of generally increased capacity for conceptualization and comprehension. Understanding and information are the main tools of accomplishment. 

Energy level 500: LOVE. Here love is unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. It is a state of being. It is forgiving and nurturing. Love is inclusive and expands the sense of self progressively. Love focuses on the goodness of life in all its expressions and augments that which is positive – it dissolves negativity by recontextualizing it, rather than by attacking it.

Energy level 540: JOY. Joy arises from within each moment of existence. It is the level of healing. It is the domain of advanced healers.

Energy level 600: PEACE. Individuals at this level remove themselves from the world, as this state of bliss that ensues precludes ordinary activity. Everything is connected to everything by PRESENCE.

Energy level 700: ENLIGHTENMENT. The level of the great ones of history. At this level of realization the sense of one’s existence transcends all time and individuality. The body is seen as merely a tool of consciousness. Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus Christ as seen as “enlightened.”

Respected Reader, what do you think? What is your analysis saying? Are you above 200? Hope so because it is a critical juncture in the development of consciousness. If not, get help. If you are above 200 you have the capacity to take it to another level. Hope you enjoyed this introduction into the evolution of human consciousness. 

P.S. For those interested in this area I recommend the writings of Eckhard Tolle.

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