Life can get hectic. You are going in a thousand directions, sometimes feeling that you are not really accomplishing anything. It can wear you down. Emotional and mental exhaustion may have taken over. It is worth checking this out. Stephanie Reeds has written a check list regarding this. I present them to you with my added comments.

  1. YOU ARE EASILY IRRITATED: Everything seems to get on your nerves. Agitation and anger are more present than what is warranted.
  2. YOUR MOTIVATION LEVELS ARE DROPPING: You just don’t want to do much. Everything is a major chore. Your confidence level drops along with motivation. 
  3. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANXIETY ATTACKS MORE THAN USUAL: As your confidence dips your stress goes up. This heightened stress can lead to greater and greater anxiety ultimately leading to anxiety attacks.
  4. YOU HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING: You may have difficulty in getting to sleep because of your exhausted mental state. Or, if depression is present, and it usually is, then you may be sleeping a lot. Sleep can be an unhealthy escape in this situation. 
  5. MEANINGLESS THINGS UPSET YOU: Smallest interactions and conversations can upset you. You are raw emotionally and tend to take things personally, often catastrophizing such situations. You make things bigger than they actually are.
  6. YOU FEEL DIZZY AND NAUSEOUS: Feelings of dizziness, headaches, nervous beating of the heart, upset stomach all are possible outcomes from built up mental exhaustion.
  7. YOU FEEL LIKE CRYING FOR NO REASON: All this emotional turmoil wears down your resistance. You just want to sit down and cry from this overload.
  8. YOU START TO FEEL DETACHED: This build up starts to make you feel numb. Your senses are less aware. You just want to isolate. You are not connectable in this state.

Respected Reader, do you have any of these symptoms? Or are you in denial? Ask someone who knows you well for his or her opinion of your well being. This is serious stuff and if you are experiencing such emotional and mental exhaustion, address it with a competent psychotherapist. A mental health professional can help you figure out why you are in this state and how to get back to a healthier more emotionally balanced life.

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