I am all about self inventory, as my concluding Socratic statement suggests. I believe strongly in self examination. So, Respected Reader, I bluntly ask you to know yourself better by determining why you are a good person. If you are not one, perhaps you could make a conversion! There are a number of reasons why you may be choosing to be a “good person.” 

  1. Parents: You had good parents who served as good role models and taught you the “Golden Rule” and other lessons that you have taken in and lived out. If you did not have this kind of parents, why did you turn out okay? Was it just doing the opposite of what they lived? An example that I see often is when the parents are alcoholics, the child/adult either becomes an alcoholic also or hardly drinks at all. Perhaps you are of the latter.
  2. Religion: You have bought into a healthy religion that means something to you and you are committed to following its directives, moral guidelines, and, thus, are a “good person”.  You participate regularly in church/synagogue services that keep you in line and on the straight path. You don’t want to go to Hell (for those who believe such a place exists).
  3. Fear of getting caught. Fear can sometimes be of help for helping you be a “good person.” You do not want to be embarrassed, perhaps shamed, by actions that are wrong. You are particularly sensitive to how certain people see you. And you want to be liked and respected.
  4. A mentor: Perhaps you have been fortunate to have a “good” person in your life who has impacted you greatly. This person is of high moral character and had helped you become that by modeling and advice. Be grateful for that person if you have had one.
  5. Self help books. You have availed yourself of quality books that have given you insight, skills, and motivation to be your best self. One of those books that you might consider is “A Successful Life – Guaranteed!” available on Amazon. The author would be grateful for you to do this. 
  6. You are a Humanist: This belief system focuses of free will, self efficacy, and self actualization. You are motivated and determined to be the best person you can possibly be.
  7. Other people/factors helping you be the “good person” that you are?

Respected Reader, how are you processing this essay? One, do you feel like a “good person”? If so, why? If not, why?  How did you get to be where you are now? Significant influences? If you are not the “good person” you would like to be, and/or see room for improvement, choose to make the changes that you may need to. If you are not sure of your “good guy” status, ask a few people who know you well — and will tell you the truth!

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