I have an eclectic taste in music. The other day as I was switching Sirius channels I hit upon Randy Travis singing “Three Wooden Crosses.” Have you heard it? It’s a story about a farmer, teacher, preacher and a hooker. They were all killed while on a bus trip to Mexico. The first three died, not the hooker, and three wooden crosses were placed alongside the road. The song extols what each of them has left behind. The farmer left his purchased and cultivated land and home to his family. The teacher left her wisdom to those she taught. The preacher presented a path to a better life. The message: “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave behind when you go.”

The song and its message got me to thinking. What am I leaving behind as I get closer and closer to leaving this world behind me? I’ll keep those answers to myself for this sharing, but I do want to raise the question to you, Respected Reader. What will you leave behind when you leave this world? Prefer not to think about it? 

What might some of the categories be of what you might leave behind? In no particular order these might be worthy of consideration.

FINANCIAL: Have you been successful financially to the extent that you have left a reasonable amount of financial security to those that may be deemed worthy? And, who may be worthy?

YOUR EXAMPLE: What kind of life have you led? Is it one of which you are proud? Could some better choices have been made? Did you reach your potential?

YOUR MESSAGE: What pearls of wisdom have you shared with those who may have listened to you as you spoke about life? Might there have been less of some thoughts and more of others?

YOUR HEART: Did you share your love fully to those deserving? Did you hold back or quit when the better choice would have been to be more loving?

There surely are other areas that might be mentioned relative to what you potentially could leave behind to those who have been impacted by your life. These four come to mind as I write this.

I am always interested when I go to funerals to hear those “left behind” speak of the departed. What image was left? What did that person “leave behind”? Interesting! And thee?

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