With the Olympics upon us, some of us will be tied to our television sets. As we watch these young Olympian’s we may sympathize with them, observing the pressure that these kids endure and the homesickness they may feel. 

Think of these Olympians who come home after grueling hours of practice and walk into their homes to find comfort, love and drop into their beds knowing that they have come to their safe haven. Then they travel far from home and leave their homes that was their comfort zone.

These athletes will not only have to meet the challenges of competing, but also enduring homesickness — missing their homes.

I remember when I was a child leaving for an overnight stay with a friend and being away from my own home and my own bed; the feeling of being homesick. A few years later we go away to college or get married and again that separation of leaving the comfort of the home you were brought up in, brings that homesick feeling that correlates to the love you felt for years in your safe surroundings — your home.

Years later going to our class reunion, one of our classmates said he was staying in a hotel as his parents had both passed away and he did not have his home to go to. We were both fortunate at that time to still have our parents and be able to stay with mom and dad. A few years later we had to experience the same scenario of not having that comfortable home to go to.   

When going to our hometown to visit, with our parents deceased, we still drive by our homes and recollect all the beautiful memories made. All the fun we had with our families and introducing our children to their grandparents and staying in the home we grew up in. Oh, how you yearn for those days, just to be in that home again. 

Yes, our dear readers, when you look at a house from the outside it is only a house, but when you purchase that house and walk through the doors to make it your home it will be the place that you will live, laugh and learn. It is the place that you are loved, cared for and respected.  

When we engage in helping a client find a home, we know that this will be their cherished possession for many years to come. Our clients all have different needs, and it is very important for your Realtor to listen to you and respect your needs.  

It does not matter what the size of the home, or the price range. A home will be your pride and joy that becomes your palace. The palace that you will welcome your family and friends in to enjoy. This is the home that will someday bring back all the beautiful memories once made.   

The Definition of Home 

Be it ever so humble, it’s more than just a place. It’s also an idea—one where the heart is. (Verlyn Klinkenborg, Smithsonian Magazine).

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Life is full of happiness & tears; be strong & Have Faith.  

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