They might make an annual appearance on your Thanksgiving table in the form of sweet casseroles and pies, but sweet potatoes are also a surprisingly nutritious vegetable that can be incorporated into your diet year-round. 


From arguably the best television producer in the game, Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”), “Bridgerton” is the new Netflix series that everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about.

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Starring Anna Kendrick, Zoë Chao and Peter Vack, along with a few other familiar faces here and there, HBO’s daughter streaming service, HBO MAX, finds its first original series with “Love Life.” It’s your typical romantic comedy about modern love in the big city. 

Selling a home can be a complex process. To keep it hassle-free from for-sale to sold, consider these common mistakes people make when selling their homes — and avoid making them yourself.

In last week’s article, I discussed the materials that can be used in building fish attractors, and this week I will discuss some locations you might want to consider when placing the attractors in the water.

Over the years, I have thought about how there are two sides to a coin when dealing with real estate: The buyer and the seller, who both want the best deal on the price of the home.  


Starring an unlikely duo, Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn, and from the horror mastermind of Jason Blum, aka Blumhouse Productions, “Freaky” is a bizarre horror-thriller about a 17-year-old girl (Newton) who encounters a mystical dagger that results in her switching bodies with a serial killer (Vaughn). 

Sleep is crucial for our overall health. Research show adults need anywhere between 6 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, however more than 35% of adults report logging less than seven hours of sleep in a typical 24-hour period. 


Prices keep climbing in the U.S. real estate market and also in the Lake Country Real Estate market. Record-low mortgage rates and inventory shortage is seeing a strong market and keeping prices surging 


The next two to three weeks are the ideal time in our locality to be in the woods if you want a good opportunity to harvest a quality buck.

Fall is finally in the air! While the changing leaves add visual beauty to our surroundings, the comforting and soothing scents of the season are cropping up all around us.

Starring A-list actors that you would never believe would star in a film like this, including Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken and appearances from way too many other critically-acclaimed actors, “The War with Grandpa” is the first family-oriented release of the post-quarantine theatrical reign. 

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The long wait is just about over for those hunters who target whitetail deer with primitive arms or firearms as the 2020-2021 primitive arms and firearms seasons begin on Oct. 10 and Oct. 17, respectively.

Whether it was a Valentine’s Day gift from a loved one, a special treat on vacation or perhaps even a staple in your monthly regimen, most of us have experienced a massage. 

According to a new housing report by Redfin, median U.S. home sales prices increased 14% from 2019 to $319,978 in August 2020 — the highest on record. The 14% year-over-year increase was the largest since August 2013.

After reading this information we found this to be very interesting. In most cases, we found the information to be quite accurate. Wow, how the generations have evolved with considerable changes. Something to think about.  


We’ve all heard about the numerous health benefits of raw honey but the same honeybees responsible for honey actually produce something even more nutritious and beneficial to our health: bee pollen.

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient, nutrient-dense snack option, you really can’t do better than a small handful of raw nuts or seeds.

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