This is an article that you may have read in the past. But we felt compelled to present it again as we have had many people say that they related to it.

We are sure many of you have heard the song “Sentimental Journey?”  

No, many of us reading this article were just being born or too young to dance to it.  

“Sentimental Journey” was performed by Les Brown & His Band of Renown and was a No. 1 hit sung by Doris Day in 1945 and brought back in 1965.  

This was the year the Baby Boomers came into being.  Born between 1946 and 1964 Baby Boomers turn anywhere from 55 to 73 this year.  

In the years past, the age group of the Baby Boomers were looking at location, interest rates and inventory.  Just 15 years ago many people were buying palatial homes thinking that this would be the last home they would be in. Not so, the Boomers have enjoyed that era in their lives and they are now ready to move on.  According to a study by FH Boom that studies this generation, Boomers have an adventurous spirit. They love to travel, sometimes on the spur of the moment.  

Boomers also look at the real estate much more differently their parents. They are more adaptable. Boomers were brought up in a generation of disposable things, therefore they are not as apt to dwell on being weighed down by heirlooms and all the large furniture.

But, lets get back to the title, “Sentimental Journey.” Yes, this generation may adapt, but it’s not always easy. This generation is still sentimental and has a lot of emotions when selling their house. This is not just a house, it is their home. This home is where most of the Boomers spent their midlives, cultivating their marriages, paying off their mortgages, making memories with their children and grandchildren and collecting all their precious possessions. Many have lived in their home for decades.

So, you have finally decided that you would like to make a change in your lifestyle, downsize, and make the move. Now what do we do we all the “stuff” that we have collected over the years. Well, this is not just “stuff.” We have our own stuff, our spouse’s stuff, our kid’s stuff and far too much stuff to get rid of. The sheer volume of making decisions as to where to go with everything can be paralyzing.   

Downsizing can be simplified by figuring out how much space you have to move into. If you lost everything in your home from a catastrophe, what would you replace? 

Make a list of three things: 1. MUST HAVES; 2. LIVE WITHOUTS; and 3. CAN REPLACE.  

Remember, it is a real bummer when we ask one of our children if they would like one of your keepsakes (china, silver, collectibles, etc.) and they say they really don’t think they would use it.  Move on and declutter. Sell the things that you know you will not use again, and with that money buy things that will compliment your new home. Give to charity, there is always someone who could use things you cannot use.  Take one day at a time and one room at a time and you will not get stressed out. A good friend may offer a hand.  

No, it is not over. This is the time in your life to look to the future and know that you can bring those memories with you. You can look forward to enjoying life with friends, maybe in an adult living community or moving to another area. Maybe closer to your family? A simpler lifestyle, a new home, can all erase the fear and hard feelings of downsizing.  

Always look forward — life is a sentimental journey.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If you simply cannot understand why someone is grieving so much then consider yourself fortunate that you do not understand.








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