If you are contemplating buying or selling property, we cannot stress enough the importance of working with a real estate agent.

Experienced agents will save you money when you see the many reasons explained. 

Here are only a few examples of why you need to work with a real estate agent.

  1. A real estate agent has extensive knowledge in knowing today’s market. They will be able to do a comparable market analysis to arrive at a price that can compete with other homes in their price range. A local agent will also know which areas have had the greatest increase in home values. What are the local projects that will be coming to the neighborhood you may be purchasing in? 
  2. Buyers and sellers alike may not spot potentially disastrous hazards. (E.g.) We were ready to list a home and noticed the front porch looked low. The foundation looked like it was sinking. We called in a foundation specialist and after the evaluation, there was no permanent filling under the porch. It was filled with trash (this was in a golf community).  This was a major issue that had to be addressed. Remember, your real estate agent’s responsibilities is protecting the interest of their client. It will save the buyer and seller money down the road.
  3. Real estate agents many times have inside information. If they are local real estate agents they may be able to have the scoop on who may be thinking of selling their home in the near future. What an advantage to both the buyer and seller. 
  4. Negotiating – This is very important for both the buyer and seller.  Whoever the real estate agent represents, money is a major factor when it comes to negotiating the price. An experienced real estate agent knows how to professionally hold the deal together and make all parties feel they were treated fairly.
  5. Marketing techniques. Many who choose to go their own route and go “FOR SALE BY OWNER” end up selling for less or not selling at all. That’s because they do not have the knowledge in real estate or have the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to get the property exposed.
  6. Documentation. When a buyer asks the agent to write up an Offer to Purchase, there will be many documents that will have to be prepared and signed. Meeting deadlines is crucial, and the Realtor will be there to watch that time limits are met. If a buyer requests a lawyer to do the closing, the Realtor works hand in hand with the attorney to make sure all the paperwork is sent in proper time for the real estate closing and nothing falls through the cracks. 

The bottom line is to hire an experienced Realtor. The reasons mentioned are only a few examples of what a licensed Realtor has to offer. A real estate agent will provide you with information and have your best interest in mind. They will work effortlessly to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with the services they have provided you with. A happy ending for the client will be finding the perfect property and end with a lasting relationship for years to come. 

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